List Your Private Yacht Outing

List your private boat outings so Playpen members can see who’s having the best summer. You will need to create an Organizer profile before posting your event so all future events are linked to your profile.

Important. If you plan to ask for payment from your guests, you must be a licensed boat charter or hired a commercial boat, in which case you should post under the “Chartered Boat Outings” category.

Disclaimer. The Playpen Enterprises is acting as a means of communication between the boat outing organizer and potential guests and is not party to any agreement between these two parties. Any agreement between you and your guests is between these two parties only. In no event will you state that this event is hosted by or in collaboration with The Playpen Enterprises. By posting an event, you agree to hold The Playpen Enterprises harmless from any act or omission that may arise out of this event.

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