Charting Safe Waters: Top 10 Tips for Chicago Boat Charters

Chicago’s waterways offer a fantastic escape. Charterers, who may have little on-water experience, need to make safety paramount. This summer has seen a rise in accidents, from boats hitting the breakwalls to anchor lines being run over and caught propellers and, even more sadly, drownings.
The constant stream of bad news prompted Dani Uzelac of Boat Safe Chicago and Heidi Auvenshine of Playpen Chicago to join forces.

Heidi, a marketing guru, and Dani, a registered nurse and winner of national awards from the Sea Tow Foundation and the National Safe Boating Council, aim to tame the madness. Their women-operated businesses want to ensure your charter experience is unforgettable – for the right reasons!

Here are their top 10 safety tips for Chicago charterers:

1. Calm Seas for Tie-ups: Avoid tying up during rough waves; it’s simply unsafe.
2. Swim Smart: Never swim between or jump off the front of connected boats.
3. Know Your Limits: Be aware of the boat’s passenger capacity (including crew), and don’t overload. On a bareboat charter, you can only have up to 13 people, plus the Captain and crew.
4. Life Jacket Essential: Always wear a Type III life jacket when enjoying the water.
5. Drink Responsibly: Excessive alcohol consumption on a boat is a recipe for trouble. Are you compelled to drink excessively? Find a safe place on land instead!
6. Stay Close: Limit swimming to within 10 feet of the swim platform for your safety.
7. Stranger Danger: Do not get on a boat or a jet ski with a stranger.
8. Power Down Before Play: Turn off the engine and remove the keys from the ignition before anyone enters the water.
9. Beware of Carbon Monoxide: Never leave the engine or generator running while stationary to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning.
10. Experience Matters: While cost is a factor, prioritize a captain with experience for a safer and more enjoyable trip. Don’t hire the cheapest Captain you can find! Remember—it’s often the Captain who makes a boating experience memorable.

With these tips and the crew’s guidance, your Chicago charter adventure will be safe, fun, and a cherished memory!

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@peepso_user_4092(Heidi A.)
These tips are so important to keep in mind throughout the summer--we hope everyone can enjoy The Playpen responsibly!
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