Event Management

The Playpen welcomes you to post events to inform members about events relevant to boating and entertainment in Chicago. To post an event, follow these steps:

1. Sign up as an Event Organizer. This will allow you to post multiple events in the future and just link your Event Organizer profile, which is separate than your user profile on the site.

2. Post an Event and enter all relevant details any time you create a new event. Select yourself as Event Organizer in the dropdown so your Organizer profile gets linked to your event.

3. You can manage your events from the Organizer Dashboard.

IMPORTANT: The Playpen Enterprises LLC makes no representation about the licensure status and aptitude of the individuals/entities listed as boat owners or boat outing organizers. These individuals or entities are acting on their own behalf and are not in any partnership with ThePlaypen.com. None of these individuals have been vetted by ThePlaypen.com. By contacting these individuals, and any individual on ThePlaypen.com, you are assuming all risk of any eventuality and agree to hold The Playpen Enterprises LLC harmless from all liability due to any act associated with your use of our site. By using the site, you agree to be bound by these terms.